Best Science-Fiction Movies & TV Shows You Must Watch

Movies are of greater interest to a lot of people. Some people are addicts to the Science-Fiction genres. For those movie lovers, here are the suggestions to the best sci-fi movies and tv shows to watch this summer. You can watch all these movies on Hulu app which is available for any Android device.

Best Sci Fi Movies

List of Best Science-Fiction Movies & TV Shows

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad is a movie directed and written by David Ayer. It is a film about a government hiring a team of most dangerous and powerful criminals of the world. The main reason behind this is to make a strong defensive team. The selection is for the mission to destroy a powerful inseparable nation. This is a great Sci-Fi and Fantasy film.

Suicide Squad Movie

These people don’t know that they were of no importance to the government whether they were alive or died. But, one day, they came to know about the intention of government that they are not selected for getting success but for blaming at the time of failure.

Captain America: Civil War

Captain America is a movie which shows the impact of the change in the law that limits the activities of the heroes. Under this film, the Government has put restrictions on the acts of the heroes as many people were afraid of their actions. Due to this, The Avengers get divided based on different opinions about this act.

Iron Man is in favour of the law and believes that their action should be supervised by the government to control the destruction in the city. Whereas, Captain America is against the government’s act of limiting action, as according to him, the heroes cannot depend on the government to save the world. Due to the difference of opinions, there occurs a war between them.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who is TV series about the Doctor who travels through time space and time in his ship called the TARDIS with many other companions from his home planet. This show is running from the year 1963.

Other Movies & Shows in the Sci-Fi Genre

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman V Superman is a movie which states the concern of the public about the superhero they want. The people want to have Superman to protect their planet and let the Batman on the streets of New York City. Due to this, with the intention to test the power of Superman, the Batman tries to attack Superman, whereas at the same time Superman attempts to settle the public concerns about Batman and him.


Arrow is an English TV series about a billionaire boy named Oliver Queen. Oliver, a spoiled kid, was sailing on the sea in a yacht. Since then, he was missing and was considered dead as there was no clue of his boat in the sea. But this consideration gets false when after a few years, this boy comes back with a changed look. He has come back with the aim to make the world free of evil.

Sense 8

Sense 8 is an English TV series launched in the year 2015. It is a tale of eight strangers, each with a different culture and different location. These people suddenly get emotional as well as mental attractions towards each other. To figure out, how this connection between them took place, they met a person who tries to help them.


Daredevil is a TV series which states the story of Matt Murdock. His eyes got affected in the childhood because of some accident. This accident instead of making him disabled, given him superpowers. He is an advocate and has his own law firm. He is also a hero in a night to fight against the evils of the society using his superpowers.

So, these are the Sci-Fi Movies & Television Shows you must consider to watch in your leisure time.