How to Pay New Jersey traffic ticket Online at NJMCDIRECT?

Pay New Jersey traffic ticket Online

Were you recently fined in New Jersey for violating traffic rules? If so, then you can easily make payments for traffic tickets without actually visiting the New Jersey Municipal Court by deploying NJMCDirect. In this post, you can find the entire guide to pay for traffic tickets on the platform. So, let’s begin!


NJMCDirect is a web-based portal where users can find all information related to New Jersey traffic tickets. You can conveniently pay online for traffic offenses from any physical location by accessing the platform. It is the official website of New Jersey’s Municipal Court. When a payment is made on the platform, its details are updated in the records of Municipal court in real-time.

In addition to serving as a payment platform, the platform also serves as an information repository. You can search for records and put forward your queries regarding the traffic violation.

Visit the NJMC Official website to pay the traffic ticket online.

Advantages of NJMC Direct

Here are some of the advantages of NJMCDirect:

  • It offers quickest online transactions. Thus, it saves your time and energy that is otherwise elapsed in visiting the court.
  • Personal information of the user is kept confidential and records present in the system are never disclosed.
  • The platform is user-friendly. The hassle-free and straightforward interface guides flexible payment.
  • The service is cheap and reasonable.
  • The halting ticket becomes proof of the entire procedure.
  • No requirement of appointing officers for the collection of the fine.

Guide to Pay New Jersey traffic ticket on the online platform

Now, let’s find out which tickets can be paid on the platform and how you can pay fines:

Which tickets can be paid

NJMCDirect offers the facility of virtual payment. This portal is designed for paying traffic tickets online. Besides, you can pay a parking ticket, fines, penalties, and put forward your queries regarding the traffic violation details.

Pre-requisite to pay

In order to make a payment, you’d need:

  • Traffic Ticket: It serves as a proof and implies that the convict is responsible for the violation of the traffic rules. Court ID, Ticket Number, and violation type are mentioned in it.
  • License Plate Number: License plate number along with the vehicle information is needed to pay online.
  • Credit Card: You need a payment method in the form of either a Credit Card or a Debit Card.
  • Internet Connection: You can access the platform on all devices. However, an active internet connection is required to access it and to make the payment.

Accepted payment methods

The platform accepts payment via all major credit and debit cards. In case you do not hold credit and debit cards, there are other options available to you like a wallet. Besides, you must input additional information in the search field and enter the Captcha to complete the payment.

Payment timings/Hours of operations

  • The payment timings from Monday to Thursday are from 7.30 AM to 11.45 PM
  • On Friday, you can pay from 7.30 AM to 10.45 PM.
  • On Saturday you can make the payment between 7.30 AM and 3.45 PM.
  • On Sunday, you can pay from 1 PM to 11.45 PM.

What if you forget the NJ ticket number?

In case you forget the ticket number, please contact the court that has issued you the ticket. You can also search for a ticket and make a payment.

How to search for a traffic ticket?

In order to search for a traffic ticket, you need to input the car license and the ticket number in case of breaching. Then, the server automatically gets redirected to payment. Retrieved data comprises of the court ID, prefix, and municipal court. Searching by license number gives other information like the state’s name, license ID, and class. The searching process is super easy. You just need to supply details and get the necessary outputs.

What is NJ surcharge, and how to pay for it?

A surcharge refers to the fine imposed by the NJSVS to drivers with excessive records of traffic violations. The surcharges are imposed on people who are convicted of specific offenses. In this case, the driver gets a billing notice with a payment envelope. The surcharges can be paid by check or money order. It is important to note that the surcharge payments should not be sent directly to the NJ MVC Surcharge. Instead, you can opt for the following methods.

  • Payment by Debit/Credit card or online e-check
  • Contact via telephone and pay through debit/credit card
  • Visit a Union location in NJ and Pay through cash
  • You can also pay via check or money order to NJSVS

Besides, there are detailed surcharge payment plans on the bill.

Final Words

Violation of the traffic rules isn’t a nightmare any longer. Now you can quickly pay the fines effortlessly by deploying the platform of NJMCDirect. The remarkably fast and safe access to the traffic ticket information makes it easy for the user. You can pay from anywhere even locations outside New Jersey.