USPS Liteblue Employees Guide to Secure Login

What is USPS Liteblue?

The USPS Liteblue is a dedicated web platform that can be accessed by US Postal Service employees. This website allows USPS employees to check USPS employee information. Managing postal services used to be hard to track, but this web platform helps make the postal system more efficient and organized.

Liteblue allows employees to manage work better, and it also enables them to check products and payroll details. Employees can update their contact information and access Human Resources using the website., and it makes it easier for them to contact each other and get the information they need. You can learn more about the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) by visiting the website.

usps liteblue employees login guide

Moreover, the details you input are guaranteed secure since the website uses the secure HTTPS protocol, and information is sent directly from the client to the server.

How do I log in to USPS Liteblue?

First, go to the website via the following link: This link will direct you to the login page where you have to input your Employee ID and USPS password.

Your employee ID refers to the eight-digit number located on your earnings statement, which should be unique to you. This also serves as your Employee Identification Number (EIN).

For any doubts or more step by step instructions, you can visit the liteblue employee login guide here.

What if I do not have an account/password yet?

Since April 28, 2014, USPS employees are required to create a new Self-Service Profile (SSP) password. If you do not yet have an account or password, you can easily create one by following the instructions below.

  1. First, follow the link, which will direct you to the SSP sign-in page.
  2. Next, click the “Forget Your Password?”, which will send you to the USPS SSP EIN verification page. Here you will be asked to input your eight-digit EIN.
  3. You will then be directed to a page where you can create your new password. After this, you will be asked to input various personal information and security questions.
  4. Finally, follow the instructions indicated on the screen, and do not forget to input your email address. Providing your email address is important because you will need it in case you have to reset your pin or password. Make sure that you input a valid one since this is where the website will send the verification email.

The sign-in page also gives you the option to create your Self-Service Profile, update your PIN and password, and edit account details. Take note that the password that you will use here will be the same for all your other USPS apps such as Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF), PostalEASE, eIdeas, and reassign, so make sure that it is secured.

How do I get my USPS PIN?

You will need your USPS PIN for IVR related transactions. To get your USPS PIN, simply dial 1-877-477-3273. Press 1 and you will be asked to enter your employee ID. After this, press 2 when the PIN is prompted. The USPS system will then send you the PIN to the email address that you provided on your account.

What if I forgot my password?

In case you forget your USPS LITEBLUE employee id or password, you can reset it via the website. Just visit, click Register/Sign In on the upper right section of the webpage and click “Forgot your password?” on the webpage. You will then be asked to input your EIN and answer your security question. 

Other features of USPS Liteblue

Liteblue allows employees to access various information and web portals. This includes your USPS gov ePayroll or payroll, USPS gov Human Resources, Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF), and statement of earnings. You can also use the website to add or change your listed beneficiaries.

The Liteblue website gives you the option to change the website language if ever you feel more comfortable accessing it using another language. Simply log in to your account, go to “My Profile”, and click “My Preferences” where you can see the option to change the website’s language.

If you encounter any problems with the website, you may contact the USPS HR directly via their service hotline at 877-477-3272, which is open 24/7.